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It is important to develop indepth awareness about where you are today before you start developing future strategies. This will help you to identify relevant opportunities and to prioritise the right actions. Pure is skilled at identifying risks and opportunities, as well as evaluating the company´s current potential to leverage sustainability as competitive advantage.


We have good experience in leading stakeholder dialogue processes. A good stakeholder dialogue process is important to assess the company´s impact on and responsibilities towards different interest groups, to adapt to changes in society (?) and to create trust between stakeholders and the company. A stakeholder dialogue process starts with mapping the most important stakeholders that are influenced by or have influence upon the company’s business activities. The main focus is to create forums for entering into open and constructive dialogue with key stakeholders in order to understand the business impact better, and to identify opportunities to reduce negative impact and increase positive impact. We have great experience with using innovative tools to include stakeholders’ views in knowledge-based decisions.

We have long experience with facilitating internal and external workshops and conferences. Big or small, national or international, short or long.

” Together with Pure, we created an inspiring and engaging day that gave all employees new energy to continue the work to reach our goals”