The UN sustainable development goals

Pure assists companies in implementing UN's Sustainable Development goals into their business. Our advice has four different approaches.

1. Increase knowledge and understanding.

The first step for many companies is to increase their knowledge about the 17 UN goals on sustainability development. What does these goals mean and what do they mean to the business community?

At Pure, we have deep/Substantial understanding of the sustainable development goals and their background. Jan-Gustav from Pure has been engaged by the UN and contributed to the process of developing the goals. This insight is important for our ability to help businesses to prioritize actions related to the 169 part-goals and 17 main goals.

We have very good experience with arranging workshops for companies with focus on identifying how companies are contributing to a sustainable development.


2.Make opportunities visible

Naturally, it is important for companies to see what opportunities for future development that can be connected to the Sustainable Development goals.

Pure has completed processes with management and other key people internally in the company to find their development potential related to the sustainability goals.


3. Foundation for strategy and innovation

For the companies that really want to contribute to a more sustainable future it is natural to start adding the UN sustainability goals to their strategy. Pure has been lucky enough to have worked closely with companies that wants to take the lead and has incorporated sustainability goals as a framework for all their business strategies.

We have worked strategically with sustainability goals for Flytoget, TOMRA, Vestre and Elkjøp Nordic, to mention some.


4. create networks for shared learning

We see that it is useful for companies to share experiences and learn from each other on integrating the sustainability goals.

Stine L Hattestad Bratsberg has taken on the role as leader for the forum for Sustainability in Polytechnic Association. The forum is aiming to contribute to increase the knowledge about integrating the sustainability goals in to the Norwegian business community. Fall 2016, Bama, Bergans, Eyde Cluster, Norway Cup, Plasto, Telia, Tufte Wear and the Varner group participated in a common process to integrate the sustainability goals into their businesses.

We also work together with NTNU to focus more attention on to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Spring 2016, Pure contributed to the project “Green value creation and ethical perspectives” and enabled students to write their thesis for eight bigger Norwegian companies on how they can integrate the sustainability goals. The companies that participated were: Asplan Viak, Havfisk, Hydro, Orkla, Snøhetta, Stokke, TINE og TOMRA.

The UN has chosen to highlight various overall themes for the Sustainable Development Goals over the first four years:



Leaving no one behind


Eradicating poverty and promoting prosperity in a changing world


Transformation toward sustainable and resilient societies


Empowering people and ensuring inclusiveness and equality