What sustainability goals does your company work with?

During a gathering for the Eyde cluster's competence groups on the 9th of May there was a review of these goals and how companies can use these goals to move on for sustainable operation.

Pure Consulting is fortunate enough to work with the Eyde cluster.

Eyde-klyngen er en klynge for prosessindustrien på Sørlandet som jobber sammen for en bærekraftig og konkurransedyktig industri. I dag kan de være stolte av at de driver verdens reneste produksjonsprosesser.

The Eyde cluster is a cluster for  processindustries in southern Norway that work together for a sustainable and competitive industry. Today, they can be proud of having the world’s purest manufacturing processes.

May 9, Kia from Pure led a workshop focusing on what opportunities the UN’s 17 sustainability goals create for the companies in the competence group and how companies can use these goals in future work for sustainable operations.

Working actively with the UN’s sustainability goals creates recognition, pride and better competitiveness. Kia encouraged participants to investigate if there are areas where the business affects the goals negatively and how best to work to reduce business risk.

By using sustainability goals as a lever for business development and innovation, one can develop some new services and products that the community will need. The Eyde cluster takes this seriously and Marianne Furuholt, project leader in the Eyde cluster emphasizes the value of co-operation and that all companies moves in the same direction.

-“Sustainability is the most important thing we do. If not, there is no market for us. The Eyde cluster is at the meeting places that are international and national, so we can contribute, says Harald Eik i Glencore Nikkelverk.

Kia explains that it is about a joint work plan by 2030. The idea is that all countries in the world must address this and also businesses. This is a comprehensive job, and the question is how we will work together in Norway to achieve these goals. We find that the goals are global so you must interpret them into our world and identify where we can do something about them.

In summary, participants gave feedback about an exciting, interesting, clearing, confusing, educational and enjoyable workshop, with some loose threads for the road ahead.

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